About Brady's

What We Are
brady’s is a home-based bakery nestled in glendale, ca offering delicious cookies and bread pudding with a unique twist. we are constantly creating new ideas and updating our menu to reflect what inspires us and tickles our fancy.

all of our desserts are handcrafted - literally - and made to order in small batches to ensure the highest quality. we steer clear of the artificial stuff and source local ingredients wherever possible. oh, and we even have gluten-free and vegan options. rock on.

our philosophy: indulge yourself.
live your life. eat more cookies.

The Story
brady's bakery was born in west hollywood, california when founder and hungry cookie enthusiast, reece scelfo, wanted to find a way to infuse his wild imagination with his love of desserts. working long hours in the entertainment business had reece craving something different.

on a random spring day and using only a fork and cereal bowl, the first brady's bakery dessert was birthed. endless hours of trial and error later, and by taking inspiration from his mother's texas-size creations and his old stomping grounds in new york city, reece found a way to contribute his own original spin on what an indulgent and decadent cookie could be. and thus, brady's bakery was born.

but of course, it would't just stop at cookies…

...our menu expanded to include one of our all time faves, bread pudding. traditionally served in a pan, we bake ours in individual portions --- that way you're not obligated to share.

you're welcome.

no matter what we surprise ourselves with, at brady's we bake what we like to eat, which is why we're adventurous with our flavors and ingredients. our imagination is endless and we constantly add to our growing menu.

we hope you enjoy.