what we are

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well hello, you. welcome to brady's bakery - LA’s baked to order cookie shop. we offer baked-to-order, hand-crafted, plus-sized cookies and bread pudding in a variety of fun and unique flavors. 

place your order directly on our website for pickup or nationwide shipping, or pop by our kitchen and order your baked-to-order goodies in person! please note: our bakery is located in a gated community of other restaurants, so just ask the front desk to buzz you back to brady's bakery. if you want local delivery in los angeles, no problem. just order through your favorite delivery app here

all of our desserts are hand-rolled - literally - and mixed in small batches to ensure the highest quality. we steer clear of the artificial stuff and source local ingredients wherever possible. we even have some gluten-free and vegan options. 

to give back to the community that's helped us grow so much, we donate a percentage of our sales each month to a different non-profit that we love and support. additionally, by baking all of our desserts to order, we're doing our part to fight global food waste, cutting down on as much excess as we can (plus, our customers receive their order as fresh as possible. it's a win-win). 

our philosophy is clean and simple: indulge yourself. live your life. eat more cookies.