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how do i order? 

you can place your order directly on this site for nationwide shipping or pickup. 

want local delivery in los angeles? no problem. click here to find us on your favorite delivery app. 


do you have gluten-free options? how about vegan options? 

yes! and yes! we do! check out our online menu for current offerings. 


i have an allergy to nuts - are brady's goodies safe to eat? 

for the most part. though some of our items contain some form of nut or peanut butter, others do not.

please note that all items are made in the same kitchen using the same equipment. give us a shout with any questions - we're happy to help.


do you have any nutritional information? what ingredients do you use? 

we strive to use local and organic ingredients wherever possible. and we always use high quality flours, sugars, butter, chocolates, and fillings for our goodies. chemical preservatives are never used. 

though we don't post nutritional facts, if you have specific questions feel free to reach out and we'll do our best to answer. 


do you deliver locally in los angeles? 

we're proud to partner with doordash, postmates, grubhub, and ubereats for local LA delivery, so check them out here. if those apps don't deliver to your destination from our bakery, then order directly from this site for pickup or nationwide shipping. 

if your order is for 4 dozen or more, hit us up on our contact page for special delivery options. 


do you ship? 

yep! please note that our bread pudding, cookie dough, and certain flavors of cookies are for local LA delivery and pick-up only. 

please check out our shipping, delivery, & return policy page for more info. 


can i freeze my cookies and bread pudding? 

yep! check out our cookie care page to find out how to make your cookies and bread pudding last! 


how far in advance do i need to place my order? 

we accept orders up to 14 days in advance.


i want to order a bunch of your stuff for an event; do you cater?  

yep. hit us up on our catering page


can i find brady's on social media? 

well of course. instagram (@bradysbakery), facebook (@cheattreatbybrady), and yelp. 


who's brady? 

brady is our company mascot. he's a handsome, energetic, crazy, and insanely adorable boxer. #bradytheboxer